Usage & possibilities

Industrial Park Brievengat

Usage & possibilities

Some of the activities that the multi-purpose buildings are ideally for are:

  • Logistics center (supply, distribution and value-added services);
  • Freight forwarder;
  • Furniture or equipment assembly;
  • Equipment repair service center;
  • Temporarily or long term warehousing;
  • Light manufacture.


Additional possibilities are:

  • Preferential financing by development banks.
  • Special access to the European Union: products wholly obtained in Curaçao and those which have been sufficiently worked on or processed here can enter the European Union market free of all import duties and quotas.
  • Special access to US markets: Curaçao is included in the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI). This means that products manufactured in Curaçao can be imported duty free into the US, provided that there is 35% value added in Curaçao (excluding 15% for US components) and that the final product is a new one formed from the foreign material used in its manufacture. Products eligible under the CBI include electronic and electro-mechanical assembly, wood products, fresh and frozen seafood and medical and surgical supplies.


  • The activity must be a 'clean' industry.
  • File an application to Curinde.
  • Establish a limited liability company under local law.
  • Business/director's license.


Companies currently established in the Business Park Brievengat produce among others ice, metal doors and windows and plastic containers

To download the complete list of the Business Park Brievengat companies, please click here.


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