Colombia Trade Mission

Colombia Trade Mission

Colombia Trade Mission

The Minister of Economic Development of Curaçao, Minister Stanley Palm, recently visited Colombia in order to officially open the ‘Casa de Curaçao’ or ‘Cámara de Comercio e Integracion Colombo-Curazoleña’ in the city of Bogotá. This bilateral Chamber of Commerce will create new business opportunities between the two countries. Curinde was also part of a delegation consisting of various companies from Curaçao that accompanied the Minister on this trade mission.

Furthermore, Curinde took the opportunity to meet with several big companies in Bogotá interested to establish in Curaçao. Important during this successful visit was that several presentations on “Doing business in Curaçao” were given. Thus, the financial sector, telecommunications capabilities, the free zone and e-zone, to mention a few, were also presented and with satisfactory results.


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