Free (Economic) Zones


Free (Economic) Zones

1. What kinds of products are sold in the Curaçao Economic Zones?

A variety of goods, a.o.: garments, shoes, leatherwear, toys, household articles, electronics, jewelry, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes.

2. Can you trade in any type of product in the Curaçao Economic Zones?

Yes, most products are allowed subject to your particular license. However, Curinde  has a list of forbidden products, which are not allowed in the Economic zones. In addition, retail trade is not allowed.

3. What types of activities are permitted in the Economic Zones?

Imported goods can be stored, exhibited, serviced, repacked, relabeled, assembled or processed to a new product. Provide several types of services; logistic, help desk, repair centers, call centers, etc. Or a combination of the above mentioned.

4. How many companies are established in the Curaçao Economic Zones?

At the Curaçao Harbor Economic Zone, currently a total of 105 companies. At the Curaçao Airport Economische Zone currently a total of 39 companies.

5. What are the benefits of establishing in the Curaçao Economic Zones?

The government provides attractive incentives to Economic Zone companies: Exemption from import duties on all products admitted into the economic zone, 2% tax on profits obtained from export. No sales tax, no land / property tax. The Economic Zone company can be 100% foreign ownership. It is a fenced in, clean area with 24 hours security, 7 days a week. Based on the required needs, warehouse, showroom or office space can be rented. Availability of long lease land for the construction of your own customized facilities. The overall favorable business environment of the Island.

6. What are the requirements for establishing in the Curaçao Free Economic Zones?

Must be able to generate at least 75% of yearly sales outside of Curaçao, an application should be submitted to Curinde.  Click here to download an applicationform. A Curaçao Limited Liability Company, specifically for the free (economic) zone must be formed. The relevant licenses should be granted.

7. What is meant with the domestic market?

The country of Curaçao.

8. What is considered as export?

Sales outside of Curaçao and sales to another Curaçao Economic Zone company.

9. What is the procedure to be followed for establishing in the Curaçao economic zone?

A completely filled-in application form should be submitted to Curinde. Click here to download the application form. Curinde will exercise due diligence with respect to each application through international law enforcement agencies. We will assist you free of charge in the to be followed procedure.

10. How long is the period of a rental contract?

Generally, the rental contract constitutes a one-year extendible agreement.

11. How does the sale to visitors / walk-in customers take place?

On a wholesale basis. Retail is not allowed.

12. What are the opening hours of the Curaçao Free (Economic) Zones?

From Mondays through Fridays: 07:30 - 22:00 hours

On Saturdays: 09:00 - 18:00 hours

On Sundays: 10:00 - 18:00 hours

On holidays, the opening hours will be adjusted.


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