Harbor Economic Zone

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Harbor Economic Zone

The Curaçao Harbor Economic Zone is a fully developed fenced-in business park covering an area of 57 acres (23 hectares) located near the Curaçao container terminal. Several supportive services are provided, such as, a Customs clearance office at the main gate, banking facilities and a 24-hour on-site security patrolling.

The Curaçao Harbor Economic Zone is widely known as a trading distribution center in the over 30 million consumers of the Caribbean.

Presently there are more than 100 merchants active in this zone, occupying a total floor space of close to one million square feet (91,000 square meters). These enterprises include:

Trading companies that distribute products from Asia, the United States and Europe to the Caribbean and Latin America. White goods, garments, shoes, clothing, toys and cosmetics are some of the items most frequently sold through the zone.
Distribution companies offering services such as warehousing, distribution and invoicing to third parties.



Lease: US$ 71 to US$ 87 /m² /year.
Security charges: US$ 3.90 /m² /year.
Garbage collection & general maintenance: US$ 1,349 per year.


To download a list of the companies established in the Curaçao Harbor Free (Economic) Zone, please click here.



“Curinde has had to face quite a few challenges in the past few months, but under this new team it has worked diligently under very diverse conditions to move the Free Zone to a new direction. This shows true leadership”.

Multitex Import-Export N.V. Client Harbor Free (Economic) Zone