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  • High-Value Goods

    These are commonly jewelry, motor vehicles, boats, antiquities and even in some cases high-value designer items such as handbags
  • Pharmaceuticals

    This pertains to goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive and rehabilitative care.
  • White Goods

    Household items and electric appliances. The white goods industry has seen significant transition.
  • Clothing and Shoes

    The fashion industry encompasses a wide variety of garments and uses almost every type of textile manufactured.
  • Car Parts

    Companies in this industry manufacture automobile parts, including transmission and more parts.
  • Excise Goods

    The excise industry is comprised of a set of corporations that grow, sell and distribute tobacco and related products throughout the world.
  • Others

    Coffee is the highest consumed beverage in developed countries. Marketers are advertising gourmet foods and drinks as affordable luxuries that can be enjoyed daily.