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Online Day pass application form

Submit your application for a day pass here. We will send you an email with your Qrcode valid for one day to enter the E-zone or the Industrial Park.

To visit the Harbor Economic Zone, Airport Economice Zone, Industrial Park Brievengat please fill your information in the application form and attached a copy of your  ID, driver license, insurance and inspaction card of your car. After we process your information in our system you will receive an email with your QR-Code that you can use to enter the economice zones or industrial park.

The QR-Code is valid for one day, but if your need to visit the economice zones or the industrial park  the next day or an other day you can call us and we will actived the QR-Code for you to use again. So please keep the QR-Code so that you can use it every time you have to visit the economic zone or industrial park.